About me



"The work is deep, quiet, strongly felt and full of a connection to things, the land, the creatures and the hours lived on, with and among them all."  

Joel Meyerowitz 

I'm a photographer working from a farm base in the Lake District in England. Learning to take photographs has been something I've done in the between times, inspired by the environment I live in and by pouring over the work of master photographers. I enjoy watching out for momentary, heightened 'events' in rural spaces where seemingly little happens, in much the way an urban street photographer might capture a found moment in the frantic maelstrom of cities. As the years go by I've learnt to love the idiosyncrasies, the difficulties and joys of rural life. The landscape is lived on, and altered and loved and suffered on. It is not pristine or ideal, and I do not try to pretend it is, which is a challenge as it requires avoiding the clichés in which my surroundings abound when represented in visual culture. A human shadow is always present on the topography and in the predicaments of animals; I hope mine is a kind one.